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    HSZ6106 series of troop commuter buses are widely used in the army organs and groups, the security of the Armed Police Olympic Games, the security of the 60th anniversary of the National Day of the Armed Police, the security services of the Armed Police World Expo, etc. They are the leading products of Hunan Hengshan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The product design concept is pragmatic, fully considering reliability, maintainability, ease of use and other factors. They have wide geographical adaptability and are widely distributed throughout the country. Troops and local users have sold more than 5000 sets of products continuously, and the quality of use has been truly tested. Our products have won the famous brand products of Hunan Province in 2008, and the vehicle loading products of the General Equipment Department of the People's Liberation Army and the headquarters of the Armed Police Force.
Main features
◆Classical, generous, concise lines, practical and beautiful;
◆Army inspection chassis, major assembly configuration has been tested by the market to ensure quality;
◆47 large capacity, with high quality and strong driving force, to create a group passenger transport cost performance legend;
◆High-quality environmental protection linen interior design to create a comfortable riding environment;
◆Top-mounted independent high-power air conditioning and independent warm air design, achieve comfortable journey;
◆The product production army representative monitors the whole process, and the quality is assured and reliable.
◆Side door fully open structure, easy to use and maintain, etc.
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