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Troop carrier

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    The Hengshan brand anti-terrorism transport vehicle is based on the technical standards of the anti-terrorist transport vehicle modification of the county (city) squadron of the armed police headquarters, the GA996-2012 "police transport vehicle" of the Ministry of Public Security and the general technical conditions of the police riot-protected vehicle of GA668-2006, combined with Hengshan, Hunan. Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed special vehicles for military vehicles and equipment modification for many years. It is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of sudden and mass incidents by the armed police forces, improving the rapid response and efficient ability to receive police, and maximizing the various types of Defence and disposition of illegal and criminal acts.
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Working status
Parameter display
Achieve function
1. Carrying: Achieving a Class 12 Personnel Maneuver
2. Equipment carrying: equipped with automatic rifle, sniper rifle, explosion-proof blanket, riot shield, helmet, ammunition, combat rucksack, reconnaissance equipment, rescue tools and other equipment storage, positioning and transportation functions
3. Anti-riot: Install protective bars before and after, the glass window is equipped with a protective net to achieve anti-riot function.
4. Communication: with cluster car, Beidou positioning navigation, 4G map transmission station and other functions
5. Mobile lighting: equipped with a strong light search light to achieve 360° omnidirectional illumination.
6. Warning: It has the functions of warning lights, two-color strobe lights, alarms and shouting functions; it provides reliable, stable and all-round warning effects for anti-terrorist personnel carriers, enhances the mighty momentum of anti-terrorist personnel carriers, and highlights its deterrent position on the scene.
7. Power supply and distribution: It has the functions of vehicle power supply, mains supply and inverter power supply.
The main technical parameters
1. Dimensions (length × width × height): ≤6783mm × 2095 mm × 3185mm;
2. Maximum total mass: 4250kg;
3. Wheelbase: 3750 mm;
4. Maximum speed: ≥ 145 km / h;
5. Drive type: 4×2 rear wheel drive;
6. Fuel type: diesel
7. Number of seats: 12 seats.
8. Body type: carrying type